car selling steps
Step 1:

Prepare to Sell

So you've decided to sell your car yourself -- now what? Read our "Prepare to Sell" tips and recommendations, and you'll likely discover it's a pretty straightforward process. In this section, we'll help you determine selling price, get your vehicle ready, assemble your documentation, and more.
Sell My Car Now
Prepare to Sell
Overview: How to Sell a Car
Need a quick overview of the selling process from start to finish? Take a look at our selling diagram.
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Organizing Vehicle Paperwork
Understand which paperwork you need to have on hand when you start selling, and use our DMV links for specifics in your state.
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Pricing Your Vehicle
Find out how to set an asking price, and learn which pricing sources can help you determine your bottom line.
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Preparing Your Vehicle
Successful sellers polish their vehicles inside and out before placing an ad. Get ready to sell with these articles.
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